Saturday, August 22, 2009

good news ever..........

days ago i was stressed.... and im still actually. but its okay. God he's testing my patient again!

all the malaysian gals they received an email except me.. my name has been left out.!! that's the first reason im stress! i wonder why and i started to worry. im emotional and speechless, but i still say good luck and all the best to some gals...well, what to do if im not being considered.. just my rotten luck!

in order to find out what's the reasoni dont get the god damn email, i went to the person in-charge who sent it. hopefully i looked sincere enough that day. good news is im included for the application.. may be there's some human error..... well, this is not funny, i cant take this kind of silly joke! this matter is serious, i dont accept human error, this matter my colourful life back in malaysia! i want to apply as a base crew, based and stay in malaysia.!!

so far i sent all the papers which is needed for the application...... and im looking forward to hear the good news in another 2-3 weeks!! and please cross your fingers for me, so all of us gonna be home soon!!

frankly speaking...

will i miss kuwait?? NO!! 100% positive!!

will i miss london... yes!

will i miss new york..... YES!

but its just minimum rest.... well, actually its good enough to go shopping, grab a drink with friends staying in london and new york. how i wish i can stay longer and go party, or something...

i will miss the moment i spent with dearly at parties, at restaurant, drinking at the bar... etc. never forget all the moment with wine, sake, and champagnes!!

so.......please pray hard for me, for other gals as well.


  1. Oh? U 1 2 transfer back n become KL based?

  2. yeap.. im dying to go back malaysia!! i had enough with just cairo, NYC and LON every month! hahah.. see u soon!

  3. thanks!! seriously i need to go..