Thursday, August 27, 2009

extra 1805/ 6 with APU

yeah, another night walk on the clouds to cairo.... dead tired!
my first flight of the month after the courses..... and still operated as EY crew. guys, u cant imagine how crazy it will be for this flight! im so not gonna miss this stupid flight with this kind of pax profile... i had enough with this kind of crazy pax onboard.

this extra flight is going NIL.. damn cool! i love it. either way actually, just dont full full load for both way. i dont wish to walk from kuwait to cairo and walk back from cairo in 5 hours plus another few hours for the pre and post flight of 10 hours may be.
pix i took with apu from the way going... this is the only moment i have the chance to drink water, go to the toilet. once im on this crazy cairo flight.. dont think about going to the toilet or have the chance to drink water, never have the chance to do it! hmm... unless is light load, and this seldom happen on my cairo flight, my rotten luck! as for other crew.....em, well im not sure, no comment!

as mentioned, they dont even listen nor respect the crews. serious.. im not kidding!
for example, they will just released the seat belt and stand up and opened the over head once the plan touched down... are they crazy??!! atleast 3 announcements the cheif made, in arabic and english to ask them to remain seated. but this pax they just dont listen and ignored it. OK FINE!! but its gonna be hassel when someone really hit the cabin floor or seat if there's an emergency!! and i dont wish that happen too, cos i just want to go back straight after the flight, not doing extra paper work to file in report... why so? serve them right isnt it? since the vedio demostration, announcement made in arabic and english, and shouted at them once they stand... come on, they're cow or what?? their bags are more important than their safety?? umm... may be they're just not worth so much i assume.... some how i really got fed up with all these lately! i did what i supposed to do and..

excuse me, let me secure myself instead of risking my life for u guys who doesnt listen... NO WAY, my life damn precious now!

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