Wednesday, August 26, 2009

*evil laugh so glad that u are back.

but, not that glad at all actually. for years i've been keeping u as a friend and u took me for granted. good! nothing much i can say though.

u thought im gonna be there for u all the time... um, yes! as a friend. NO, if u wan me to take u back. no point dear, u are too little too late. i cant do this for u any more, waiting and waiting, what's the point of that?? i dont get any good out of it. make me down cast and reducing my self confidence only..! since i ady restore my confidence towards this kind of situation... u are no longer important, cos im not to u though.

yeah, i still like u as a friend, what ever u told me was so right. i did and still appreciate all the lesson u taught me. its really helpful and u let me see and learnt from u. if i didnt meet u, i wouldnt know so much!! u were a good mentor. thanks for that.

if wanna spend time together... um. no thanks! i rather be friends, i felt better this way. u were gone for so long and now what u expect...??!!

but its okay, im still cool enough to go out and go for luxury dinning. go for quality and class. but im kindda tired of doing it. seriously i rather go eat at the road side mamak store, roti canai, nasi lemak or may be maggie goreng with milo ice! its tired to go and have all the table manners.... excuse me, i just need a break, a relax conversation over the dinner with some red or white. dont tell me to do this and that, improve and dont talk non sense. cut the crap dear, i like to laugh and chill out. im serious enough to perform my current duty and my previous sale/ marketing, talking and branding the drugs to doctors and specialist. i dont want to be so serious for a gathering dinner, this is not a company dinner talk for the product okay? can we just relax a bit??

any way it's up to u, if u wan to be serious, okay, i can be serious. but im not gonna talk much. i just want to finish the dinner fast and go back else im going to join my group of friends for a drink this time. or may be i rather be alone to chill at the bar or some thing.

wahhaha......dont u get it??! any way, im still looking forward to meet up my old friend.

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