Monday, August 24, 2009


those who read my blog.. for sure u know i've been talking about Alladdin from Disney cartoon and Doraemon the 21st century robot from Japan.

this robot cat, Doraemon is a freaking cool companion. i love it since im young, how i wish i have one and all my problem solved... haha. i can travel from space to space with its " magic door"; else i can travel time like the glider.... undo the history. some thing like that.. wahhah.

well, i need alladin now.... so i can ride with him on the magic carpet to see the stars for a bit.. hahha, isnt it cool?? then i will buy him a bottle of champagne drink under the moon light while floating on the clouds...or may be sake. you call dude!! just give me the 3 wishes... haha. ohhhh, may be before that, can take some pix as souvenior! cheese....

im serious, i need this.

1st wish: i want my memories to be erased. completely! blank and empty!!
emotionaly and mentally tired for so long, im tired to be strong.... i dont wan to learn from the mistake, nor sad case senario any more. i had enough heart breaking news to feel upset. hard to take it easy during certain period of time. i cant cope with that especially when im alone. im nervous, panic and scared!

2nd wish: my money trees will grow real money. i meant REAL! not just leaves.
haha.... so i can have new toy any time i want to. give some to the good and sincere people. donate it to the charity, helping out the poor.

3rd wish: i want friends and famlies i love most, those im keeping are healthy and safe after i lost my memories!

just 3 simple wishes...... but let me remember you Alladdin, so i can give you a call for a drink to say thank you!

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