Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A340 refresher

this is the last course im gonna attend.... thank god im done with all these!

for sure gonna pass the test, cos its not that difficult as long as u read, and by chance u calculated the possibility that u gonna get it wrong for the test..u will not fail, im serious. LOL.

this time im doing it alone, with no other B-07 batch mate. but its okay, no problem. i have those senior supervisor and some senior crews in the course.

guess everyone was bored by this boring instructor. god.. when he talks, its kindda lalabi, can fall asleep, serious. trust me, if u attend this instructor's course, u gonna be so dead!

some thing was funny happened. when they talked about refueling onboard with the pax. okay what's the procedures? well, cheif cabin has to make an announcement, monitor pax, guard all doors.. etc is the procedures. but this supervisor said, fasten your seat belt and sit down...emm, what!! [pax should release the seat belt in case of emergency] LOL. come on, u know some time when we talk we dont register what we just said actually. guess he didnt notice what he just mentioned, that's why it's funny! when i was shocked, turn and looked at him, he smiled and winked at me.. hahah. i guessed he just realised it. u know, this is safety, i thought this course gonna be serious and sledom joke about it. guess i was wrong though, through out the month from service to safety course, these jokers never stop their joke bomb. and u know me, i just cant hold it inside, i just laugh, i dont care as well cos its funny and it make me stay awake!

seriously, these ppl take things easy man, especially during ramadan, every thing is just cool. they make things easy too, cos they wan to go home fast, no one give a damn to anything i guess. this is the only cool thing i like here, every thing is possible...

any way, everyone pass, and everyone is happy and get their license and go back early.

finally im done with all these and i cant wait to fly out of kuwait!!

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