Monday, August 17, 2009

74 + 10.... im done with the service course

finally.... i was so nervous just now.

the passing grade gonna be 80 and above for every thing, performance, attitude, grooming, practical, theory.

seriously i didnt read much, every answers could be the right answer. due to i didnt pay attention much and didnt read much, that's why the 45 questions to me is damn tricky!!

i did the retest for gastro paper, and i dont wish to have another retest to stress myself for another couple of days by reading up the crazy trolley setting inside the service bible... im so not gonna do that and give up my time with youtube and music!! damn, i sound miserable, dont i.. hehehehe.

anyway, im done with the service... first aid gonna be next ..[how to kill pax, pls refer to my previous blog] and up comin refresher and practical... which i hate most!!! then the service clerance.... wohooo. then im a first class flight attandent!! well, who doesnt right?? as long as those working as a cabin crew, sooner or later they gonna be one too....umm....okay, so im one of them! LOL

thank you guys for all the support!

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