Thursday, July 16, 2009

transformer dates in london

yeah... london again, no other destination. but its okay, there's a little motivation for it cos i can meet belle once in a while.

thank god i have another 2 malaysian gal with me this time.

i went belle's place for bak kut teh...pork party!! yohooooooo. thank you belle!!
yao zhar guai..... didnt eat that for.......months
complete bak kut teh family.. yum yum
then, the gals decided to have a date with transformer. called me to confirm the time... okay im ON! too bad, i duno why so many of them hail for it, i still prefer transformer I. 13.5 pounds gone just like that....but its okay. long time i didnt watch movie in london...umm. the previous movie i went was sex and the city alone.
at the station

inside the underground..
the gals..
while waiting the 285 bus......

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