Friday, July 31, 2009

....... sincerely thanks

another heart breaking news in my chapter of life....
fuhh. abit cant take it this time. but.. what to do, life sux. i dont get what i want in return.. is that waste of time and efford???

this time.... i think yes! cos its totally wasted.

anyway....i still can cope with that. but i dont think i can tolerate another heart break nor heart attack news. cos i need time to recover a im not ready to GO this time.

thank you gals and guys that spent your time talking and hang out with me from time to time. i sincerely appreciate that. by the way, u all still owe me a big hug..... LOL. bonus for me okay. my heart got a little exhausted wey. just do what i said to make me happy sikit.. kekke

for whom that concern and care..... love u all for it. im gonna back to origin soon, just wait and see what's gonna happen next!!

wow.. i feel a little better now...... !!! isn't it amazing??


  1. 好久没来看你了,还好吗?

  2. so so lo chris... bit mentally weak and upset lo. but still okay geh. life ma.. up and down.

    how about u ah?

  3. Hope things are taking the better turn for you.. woody

  4. im better now woody, thanks!
    recovery rate higher than before though..

  5. Me ar.. Stil like that lor..
    Work, eat, sleep.
    So When u come back to Malaysia?

  6. i duno wor chris.... may be soon gonna have the KUL flight.

    now im in the first class course. staying one whole month in sand pit not that fun actually... somemore its summer now. damn hot siang!