Monday, July 20, 2009

malaysia.... a place like heaven to me

i was chatting to one of my msn gang..he's a very cool chatter. guess i know him 10 years ago, in 1999 back in my college year. just met him once years back.. lately, he's busy with his own biz.

long time he didnt come online, so he buzz me to start the chat war.

since we didnt chat for quite some times, he updated me that his dad just passed away due to chronic liver disease...when the complication started, it was the last stage after medical checked. for 6 months his dad suffered due to the complication. sighh......i feel sorry to hear the bad news, other than listen and say im sorry, i dont know what else i can do more.

aside from the bad news, he told me life really unpredictable and money is important when his dad was hospitalised. but cant buy time and health. which im strongly agreed with.

2 years im away from home, i missed all the occasion, and i miss every thing back home.

some times i do curse this country.... but when i think good, i think i should appreciate the chance to stay in this burning hell. if im with other company in another country, i may not face and experience all this stupid shit. staying in kuwait really a good life experience for me and from all this worse case senario i know what i most, and what's matter most, and my priority!

i never appreciate malaysia when i was back home, but malaysia for me now is like a heaven on earth. okay, although the ecomony is not healthy like before, still, i wan to go back. although there's crimes, may i ask, which place on earth doesn't? the crime rate in malaysia not that high actually, so just becareful. this is the key word where ever u are. trust me, malaysia is the best country ever so far, aside from the food from taiwan. hahhah.

well, everyone see me working as a flight attendant and they think my life gonna be so great, and full of fun. hell yes, if im with etihad or emirates. too bad im not. i stay home more than fly, and i cant get the exit permit to go back when i dont fly, company just wan to keep me home and do nothing, besides that, no such thing as in mutual change, swap flights, getting e ticket online, leave will not be granted during the rush season, no more cross month leave application, leave will be cancelled if they wan u standby for course... excuse me, standby for course?? they're just wierd, no system at all, every thing here just not right . u think im having a interesting life with my job, u are so farking wrong, just now here in this company dude.

okay...since i've experience alot and see what i actually dont before. i suffer and struggle again and again. every time when i wanna give up, some thing happened. and i tried so hard to readjust myself to think in a positive way. and the new brain wash tactic is .. repeat after me: because im greedy, because im greedy. LOL.. dont u think im greedy??

so, i do appreciate the chance to stay and work in kuwait instead. if not i won't leanrt and see things that i dont always see. and things like this happen very often, every other day or weeks. it just became the trend already.

with all these senario, i finally know what's my priority. i wish another year here in kuwait not gonna be that crazy, hopefully every thing back home still remain or get better. time flies and it never wait, just hope that i wont missed that much.

2010...not that long anyway, isn't it?

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