Wednesday, July 01, 2009

i'm a ball

guys u knew im sick.... system breakdown abit.

well, our human is a powerfull tool. since i need to settle something which no one could do it for me, i have to go personally although i need to rest well upon advice.

the bullshit system goes like this, the private hospital i went the other cant give 07 days straight, max 03 days. in order to get more, i need to go company panel to extend it. okay, fine. i went in the morning, i waited...i went to the doc. instead of listening to me, he just gave me a piece of paper with the government medical national service. told me to go there before he will sign or do anything to my document.

very well, from another building to another building by the company transport, walking and waiting under the hot sun at 40c during this period of time. finally i reached the flight service building. i went to ex GL to tell him im here because i received an email. instead of listening to my case, he gave me the photocopy vayage report asked me to hand it over to panel doc which i just came from there. okay, cool. i told him i just met the panal doc, he asked me to go another area to get the stamp [without telling me anything else]. just briefly said, go there and get the stamp, they will give it to u. i talked to the briefing officer about it to get double confirmation, he too said go there and get the stamp, that's it. okay...guess 2 person told me the same thing, pretty sure nothing can go wrong. after all, seriously i have no extra energy anymore, i called cab to bring me to that place.

went there, talked to the 2 ladies [ahemm... i shouldnt be polite to address them ladies though, i should ... what ever] they said they cant give the stamp on the papers, just cant. i asked why?? she said cos im not having any operation, so nope, unless i have the panel doc stamping first.... huh?!! WTF is this? different ppl tell me different things. im confused and im seriously system breakdown, cos im just emotional unfit.

i called the briefing officer, i told him what im facing at the counter. briefing officer said panel doc made a mistake.. so i have to go back to the office again then they will do it for me... excuse me! im sick, and u told me they made an mistake, is this a joke or just simply wan to give me hard time? dont they understand what is sick??? sick means im not capable of going through all these..i started to tear cos im totally got carried away, system breakdown, just tear in silence.. cos i seriously helpless. they're pushing and kicking me like a ball, towards a sick patient which under recovery stage.

i responded to the briefing officer, i told him i cant make it back to the office anymore, cos im very weak and tired. i need to go back to take some rest, and i dont care how they gonna punish me later, cos i just cant do it! im sick, im sick, u understanding sick??!! he asked me to calm down and go home to rest and do it tomorrow, i said nope, i cant do it tomorrow, i need to rest. cos im mentally and physically weak.

i called them again in the evening after i woke up. i said i cant send the sick form since the panel doc and the 2 freak dont want to do anything on the papers. he asked me to call again in the morning... umm. may i know what's going on with these ppl, company and country?? are they treating all the non caucasion foreigner this way? i seriously wonder....

as i mentioned, u better be healthy than sorry.


  1. Hope you are getting better.

    Go for a run once you get better, sweat it out frequently , you can sleep better.


  2. thanks woody, much better now.