Thursday, July 16, 2009

give it back!!

my rotten luck, i dont have KUL as much like others.. i just duno why!

some gals have it every month.. some got it as schedule. and they removed mine for no reason.. what the hell right?? so farking unfair... and discriminate!! i need to go back mys to recharge myself, cos i had enough with kuwait! im very serious!!

i went to my GL about this.. i knew he's not gonna do anything, as usual. i told him why so and they removed my fav bangkok for no reason again!! he said he'll see what can he do. okay fine, as long as i informed u... i did my part. but im so gonna know u not gonna help.....because u are just one of them!

when i checked my roster the other day.... damn it mann! the help u mentioned was changing my home standby to night airport standby instead putting my name for the flight??!! okay, THANK YOU very much, u screwed my rest too.

i have to be an idiot, packing my bags and putting my uniform and be prepared if they pull me for KUL flight. but the reality told me im so not going for KUL cos they just kept me at brieifing for 4 hours then back to my room, non stop cursing the rostering, planning as well as the briefing officers.

i wanted to scream at them : just give me the god damn KUL flight that i supposed to have it!!

sighh... but i cant.

once again.. i love my job, the sore environment, the culture, the system and the country. JUST LOVE IT!

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