Saturday, July 11, 2009

drinking water

others may wanna know why i spent so much in driking not the only one okay, some of my colleagues they do the same thing as well, just not volvic or evian jekk.
tell u guys, the filter system here is not good, i wonder why always got white residues/traces at the edge or the wall of the pot after i boiled some water.
im a little freak out to see that, and im a little paranoid whether im gonna have trouble to my kidneys... i guess its better to buy mineral water instead.

my friend said im mentally sick, out of my mind for buying all these expensive drinking water in boxes. but i think still okay to drink this cos im staying alone, not family though. dont be freak out okay mr chay. i do buy less expensive also, but no one carry for me, how?? so this size is good for me to carry or bottle of 6 x 1.5L
here's the brand i support...

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