Saturday, July 11, 2009

crazy 1805/6 delay

my first flight of the month... im pulled for this cairo extra flight.
yes, when i mentioned cairo u know what's gonna happen... problematic, non sense ZD, what else!

anyway, it was delayed 2 hours from the expected departure time plus another 1 hour delayed on groud. not only the pax wanna kill us, i feel like killing myself too. cos i have no more patient for this ZD who doesnt treat me as a flight attendant that may safe their lives if there's emergency onboard. but.. what so ever, i just wan to finish the flight and go back to my room.

it seems things not gonna follow what i wish for....and i didnt expect that happening. my mood and my day really f@uck!

10 mins after took off.. started to work like a mad cow till seat belt sign on for landing, we're still with the collection, can u imagine how slow slow were we in the cabin.
why?? let me tell u why. im the only south east asian gal again working at E/Y. and my aisle partner is a new morrocan gal. well.... i dont see any thing in her. nothing at all. but the ZD cheif seems very ok with her. when i said OK, its really ok, as in she doesnt have to work fast, doesnt have to be team work.. etc. and she's just slow and lazy, as a team, i do her work when i pass by her zone; but when she passed by my zone, she doesnt help unless the chief is there. hell ya, u are damn good in pretending gal, u got one point for that! she came to the back and said : who's R4? your pax needs water. what the hell man...! okay. i know u are lazy and rude now. she even work with her mouth, just keep asking where is the plastic glasses, where is the sugar, where is this and where is that... come on, tell me who the hell clear u for service??!! and could u pass it?! and i started to doubt it whether she can rescue her colleague due to emergency by knowing where is the emergency equipment. as long as im in the company, i wish i have all safe flights, cos i know i may not have the chance to wait for them to rescue me if im in danger.. LOL, im serious!

galley a bit lousy too, that's more disaster. but cheif also damn OK with another ZD gal, the only one got screwed again, cos i dont have time to check the toilet and its always occupied. and he saw me scoping the crashed ice with cups instead of the ice tong. guess he gonna report me cos he asked who's my GL... okay! do what ever u want. i really have nothing to say due to this discrimination.

finally, another sector to go back kwi. but.. there's technical again. my god! this is killing. because the previous sector got 3 hours delay and now another technical? why kiling cos the pax supposed to go back for evening 542 they had 9 hours delay, and the groud staffs mixed the pax with our 1806 pax together, duplicate tickets..etc. and every thing went hay wire, why dont they informed us earlier before the boarding, tell us about the free seating instead. well.... can u feel how these ppl perform their work? they dont do what they supposed to, everytime came inside the cabin and simply clean the seats and everything, and there's alot of dirty and left over sitting inside the seat pocket! gross!! and the groud staffs and cleaner they just sapu all the read newspaper, and steal everything out from the aircraft. in order to not get involve i rather dont wan to see what they took. for example the left over food, boxes of tea and coffee, sodas, juices... every thing they can get bring. are u guys that poor poor??! why so greedy?!

while waiting for the problem to be fixed....nothing happened. waiting and waiting, distribute some drink as complimentary. then cheif made announcement that the pax have to disembak and transfer to another aircraft, cos the 9 hours delayed 541 just landed and supposed to go back NIL. too bad guys, u all have to operate the flight instead of us. and i felt relief as i dont have to work with the MISS WORLD...i think she thought she's someone and behave like a b*itch.

thank god, i can go back as DH instead of staying with the AC on groud in cairo.
imagine, usual 7 hour duty and i made it approximately 13 hours with only 5 hours flying hours paid. fuhhh..... i love my job!

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