Saturday, July 11, 2009


i went to my GL to view the case that i've been reported inflight.

3 points the ZD cheif he reported me.

first, he wrote i never smile;
second, he wrote my skirt is above knee;
third, he wrote i didnt clean the toilet im responsible to.

hmm.. i wanted to say what the f@ck is this accussation?? but i didnt, i kept quiet through out the session. cos i think no point to argue with my GL, cos he's a ZD and never take my side. so its better for me to keep quiet than fight back, cos i know im gonna have more hard time if i do so.

i wanna tell my GL, my skirt never above the knee since i joined the company; and never smile and didnt smile is different. and i believed i did smile, may be i didnt smile to the cheif and didnt kiss his hand to say; good morning boss!; and im not a lazy flight attandent, unless this is crazy busy flight like cairo. its london-new york, im pretty sure i checked my toilet!

sighh... i damn sien working these ppl who need others to kiss asses. i just cant do it, sorry! just report me say i didt smile to u, why u want to accused me for the things i didnt do.

seriously, i cant wait to see what's karma on him, im waiting to claps my hand. yes, im mean so what, i believed there's no angel, umm.. may be yes for fake angel.


  1. u need to practice to smile and kiss ppl's ass

  2. well, i will try.

    i wonder why i cant be myself in the realistic world. sien..

  3. is like tat one lo...everyboss is the same, they like ppl to lick their shoe and tell them good words. =(

  4. i hope i can do it! thanks for the advise.