Tuesday, July 28, 2009

22_270709 NYC_LON_NYC

another NYC....... guess i should appreciate every NYC now.

good thing is, my trolley partner is the economy king in the company. like him alot because he's very talkative and funny for me. first of all, i like him because he's a gay! didnt i tell u all.... i think they're lovely, and sensible.

so when the best cabin crew and the economy works together... that's really cool! love it! hope to do it again before i leave the job!!

a part from that, i had the chance to catch up with my wine and champagne. that's good enough, but im greedy this time, or may be fore the rest of my NYC flight. because im counting down the flights. s i wish to have a good moment when im there. enjoy every moment!
MUMM..... nice!
my travel companion,, soft toy bulldog

anyway, i did hang out with belle in london. dinner than party. but its not that fun this time, may be im alittle moody. emotionally get disturbed. guess im kindda fed up with guys... so im not interested in anyone trying to approach. from what i see, they're all ended up with same behavior, and all similar in the end although i thought its special.. LOL. seriously i duno what's wrong, and what's going on with me and ppl leave me without notice. its not fair by the way... please have mutual respect for each other!
dinner at restaurant at st. paul

meeting other gals at china town.. four season rest.
cheers babe.....!

but after talking to my friend back in MYS, i feel a little better, kind of mental support u can say that. he's been telling me i got to get rid of this feelings.. im not lousy at all...... im someone with class, educated, style... etc. hmm. well, i wish its not a compliments just to make me feel better. thank you dude, u know seriously appreciate that!

i still think of...i need a companion sometimes when im really bored and lonely. so i can talk to someone, someone wont find me annoyed. so... if u are a cute lesbo, please contact me, i can be lesbo too.. and if u are straight and not that ugly... why not, i want to have cute kids.

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