Saturday, June 06, 2009

SOY + flash back

i was eating fried eggs and white rice again the other day.
just duno why, this is my fav food ever since i love soy sauce. lemme think....may be just this 3-4 years though.

i have a very dull eating habit.. i dont eat salty...mild is okay; i dont eat sweets..but chocolate and ice cream is alright. hahha. but i love sour, hot and spicy!!

well.... what ever it is.. just had a flash back just now. LOL, i know u guys gonna say i have the sign of aging again!!! LOL....any way, lemme tell u a short story.

i damn love anything from soy... i even did a minor research project on soy bean. 3 whole months with the soy bean [isoprofen] .... wahaha. actually its not that cool, alot work to be done. extracting, heating, with all kids of protocal just to derive, test and confirmed its functional group back then. if u failed to get the actual funtional group from the high tech machine call FTIR.. then sorry la. whole 3 months punya hard work gone. futher more, u may not pass the particular subject. money and effort all gone, so have to be damn serious with it.

isoprofen , its molecular formula: C15H20O2 arrangement:
CC(C)C1CC2=C(C1)C=C(C=C2)C(C)C(=O)O name: 2-Isopropyl-alpha-methyl-5-indanacetic acid

from soy sauce to tau fu fa and tau jiong shuii.. wow.. my fav. and its one fo my fav snacks back in it with malacca sugar.. yum yum.

soy is healthy and u can make it very tasty..... just like eggs. u can make so many good things out from eggs and soy, which is not costly.

guys, wanna go for tou fu fa date now??!!

or may be twisties party; ramli burger supper, teh tarik night at the mamak near the apartment, and goreng pisang during the drama marathon..imagine. goreng pisang le,,, and we are not slow eater somemore!! miss those metabolic rate toooo. damn!

gosh i miss those old days with my monash kaki, we were crazy and always had crazy idea and crazy talk with crazy topics. so happy and so fun, never stop laughing when im with u both. we were poor and trying to be as frugal as possible. non stop checking on prices, and non stop comparing wey.... aren't we toooooo much/ over!! others may think we're sick and crazy u know. LOL

but i miss the most is eugenia and johannes...!! okay, may be we had some small conflics, arguement, complains and stabbing each other... but who doesnt?? this is what good friends for, we show our true feeling from deep down, but serious wey, i love u guys. and sorry ahhh johannes, i always bullied u, cos i wanted to see u get angry and its funny, but how come u never show it infront of us wey!!! hehehhe,, see both of u later when all of us freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. I used Kikkoman soy sauce, from Japan, quite nice for sushi& wasabi combination.


  2. ya, been eating this. very nice!

    i like the normal "宝宝生抽" very nice also.. lol

  3. actually i like soy sauce n eggs too,,, my favourite as well././

  4. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Soy are grown for animals feed in America. East Asians consume soy as a cheap source of protein. Soy is not a wonderful food and may accelerate cancer growth.,22049,21054484-5001021,00.html

  5. chris: yeah.. damn cool lo.

    anonymous: it says not good for cancer patients..and who ever has cancer back ground de. anyway nothing is good lor when overdose.

    and dont campare america with east asians. they're not that great anyway!!!