Thursday, June 18, 2009

pax..... u guys damn cool

umm...... i forgot did i share this before with u guys, anyway i dont care. i just wan to write it again and again.. cos this is my blog. LOL

as a traveller... what u do especially when u fly?? before i give my opinion lemme tell u guys some stories... some that i still remember.

one pax was asking me for moisturizer during boarding.. emm. excuse me!! sorry ma'am, its not available in E/Y. u dont have moisturizer?? dengg! i know what the hell is moisturizer, and i can also differenciate what is lotion and cream, but too bad this airline they dont provide it in E/Y. lagi i will not offer my own hand cream or face moisturizer lo, u donkey!

one pax even try to instrust me to keep her bag by removing others bag from the overhead... excuse me!! this really out of my limits ady, i look at her without smiling, i said: excuse me, i know what im doing, dont instruct me. i dont take order from u!

well, do i look like a technician?? the entertainment system are fuck, i ady try my best to help u with that, if not i couldnt do better than apologise, take the seat number and handed it over to cheif . if there's a vacant seat, i may transfer u so u can enjoy the system. and u donkey dont have to give me hard time just because the tv is not least i try than other crew just said im sorry without trying. so, be understanding!!

i had countless hand cream request for each flight.....not only hand cream they asked, some ask me for tooth brush, baby milk, extra chocolate, a bottle of water, ice cream, want me to fix the entertainment systems, nuts, snacks and even body spray.. what the heck is these?? look at me, i work in the economy cabin, and u are seated in economy and u are travel with KU, and dont compare us with other airline. before u wanna compare, can u compare the money u pay for it dulu?? u get what u pay alright??? if we bring things from the front that's out of our courtersy and just to be nice. its not a MUST. so stop telling me what u think i have to do extra for u!!

since u pax so "noble" to quote yourself a frequent flyer, so tell me u dont even know what u should carry when u fly??? and what kind of questions u should and shouldnt ask?? and treat me nicer cos i may be the one to rescue you, keep this is your mind!

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