Monday, June 15, 2009

pax screening

most of the time while during boarding.. i will keep hoping that im gonna have good pax on my side. or at least cute pax, but... seems like its not gonna happen. i never see any cute one.. and any flight for me seems like going to india or bangladesh de lo. even go NYC or LON, all an neh neh. damn boring.

well... when im at the custom. since its gonna be long queue. so i always play this game with the crew im close to. by checking other airline pax, and choose the type we like.

.......few minutes later. nothing as usual.
then i started to look at the officers at the exit. same thing, cool uniform but non of them look good on it. sorry to be frank, u guys are bit over size.

since airport is a public area, should have look good any how isnt it??
but i saw someone was digging his nose on the way out...yukk!! what the heck... gross!! come on la wey, if u are damn cute to dig your nose may be i can give u a little face cos u are cute. but if u are not.. then pls do that at home or when no one is around alright??!!!

seriously, im kindda realistic. i rather see someone cute to do awful things than a non good looking guy. vise versa for male nation towards gals/ ladies. i bet u guys rather be close to pretty gal than pork chop surrounding u though. heheh.

looking forward to have cute pax still.... quote to fly high ---"never die heart"


  1. cute pax, 1 of our motivation to fly.. :p

  2. guess i shouldn't get aboard on your flight nx time.. haha...

  3. Win,
    If you learn to pick up quiet body language, it will be even more fun.
    I can read some non verbal gesture and determine if someone is flirting, either welcome or should get lost completely, do read up some body language book.


  4. chris: yeah.... imagine, mood of the entire flight gonna be so "high"

    wayne: lol, u are welcome onboard

    woody: umm. let me check of the book later. FYI: the an neh-neh pax they're not that smart enough to get the signal though. just....ngong ngong.

  5. ability to read one's gesture and understand what's inside his/her head is a wonderful skill to have, but hard to master. Needs lots of practice guess work, airport is nice place to read people's body language, a lot people.

    Just about a day ago, myself and another engineer, we successfully read three person's body langauge( 1 lady and 2 guys), tried to guess who, among the two guys, the lady like which one more, we were right in guessing the next move, the lady actually like one of the guy more than another, but the other guy actually shown some deep interest in the lady and she could not be bother, the other guy just shown kept trying to make a statement and jokes, but the lady just could care less, treat it like dry humor, while the moment another quieter guy open his mouth, she immediately leaned forward and stared at him with close eye contact.

    It's fun, my engineer friend even guessed it to the extent, she probably will wait for the guy, and indeed she did leaving the other more chatty one going left and right.. :)

    We were amazed and accuracy of gesture reading..
    The Body Language- Allan Pease - one such book.


  6. woody, nothing much to do beside doing this in the office?? seems like u guys very " dek hann" lol.....i bet u guess enjoyed the moment. i miss the days with friends and colleagues having such fun moment.

  7. Not really in office, our office are tense, but while for lunch.