Thursday, June 18, 2009

london 101

i went london again....yes, again. imagine, i can even have the local tube oyster card and even local mobile number, can tell how often im in london since i joined the company.

didnt do anything except talking on the phone with belle for more than 2 hours.. non stop blow water as usual. can crap from hand bag, up coming london summer sales, burberry ware house, current swine flu scare to working environment..etc.

well, im kindda feeling good because the entire flight was consider no headache and light load, except this local ZD lazy ass. emm....sigh, nothing is perfect.. so fuck it! janji duit masuk, get to blow water with belle, have my allowance. im cool.

something wanna complain plus i still duno why ppl can live and work without common sense. seriously, this is an international commercial carrier...and they've been doing this flight for.... decades ago, similar pax profile, pax from india continental contribute the major percentage overall. very common example... the meal. of course there's choice, so what... most of the time these pax they will choose anything with rice instead noodle or pasta. trust me, if u think this is no big deal... u are so wrong. pax they're trying their best to give u hard time when no other meal option. since there's no one work with common sense nor even bother the voyage report due to the ratio of meal feed back. my colleague and me got to start appologise from the mid cabin till the rear. u can imagine how many times i have nothing to say beside smiling at the pax and say sorry..

not only appologise for the meal, even the headset, didnt even supply sufficient headset from the way coming from kwi; blankets too.. oh my god! ady informed the cheif, and still..... i didnt see anyone brings blankets. damn it man, i got to walk all the way to the front, asked permission from the cheif, then asked my senior to get the blankets... damn it, do they know what's the meaning of troublesome anot jekk??? lagi, got one donkey asked me for tooth brush. excuse me, if u dont see any in the lav, means no more!! fuck wey, she even act smart on me though.

pax: why no tooth brush, i travelled with KU before, u guys have it.
me: can u be exact ma'am? i dont quite get what u trying to say. u mean they supply tooth brush for everyone for this sector?
pax: yes....
me: excuse me... [im not donkey, okay!] [still smiling] ma'am, this aint direct kwi-nyc flight , they never supply tooth brush for everyone for this kwi-lon sector.

oh my god! what on earth....

and again.. shit thing happened all the time. i wonder why these idiot they dont lock the lav once they enter. this time i seriously got frighten...part of the safety measurement as well as lav appearance, i have to check it! really a dirty job especially with these an neh-neh, they just dont flush, nor keep it clean. seems like im in bombay, dakka, delhi or lahore every flight, no kidding. some times just drive me crazy, mentally unfit. once i pushed in the lav door, shit!! im freak out, this pax he didnt lock the door and he was half way peeing okay...damn it, i seriously dont enjoy the scene or life show. ewwww.........gross!!!!

u know what, how come the pax they can complain crews? and why not me, as a crew i wan to complain and sue them for this kind of harrasment?? i wanna report them, wanna black list those retarted who gave problems, create chaotic situation on board... etc. why the crew are the one always got blamed and have to be understanding?? thought this should be mutual respect...umm.. oh, i forgot. they're donkey from every where, they dont know what's respect nor the right thing to do though.

now aday when someone which's not so close to me ask how's job, how's kuwait?? i say: great! no comment, welcome to kuwait then u tell me. thanks for asking.

umm......well, im still okay to train my lung function though, taking a deep breath, then exhale slowly and psycho myself im still cool with this job..... yeah! i still love this job!


  1. hands up for u for doing all those 'noble' tasks...

    i m glad that i m a pax who does not complain much and sleep all the way on the flight whenever i can.

  2. Actually many pax (some people I know included) believe in entitlement, whether they need it or not, they will want anything at all (they will probably take away toilet bowl too !!!)
    Last time we had one such dispicable person in my office, whenever he went anywhere, he would always come back saying how much he managed to get this and that from the airline. Once he asked, did I ever get "this and that" when I fly, I said , no, I do not need it. He blurted out , how come I so stupid.. blah.. Such ppl (pax) are the real waster, they are folks should be put on no-fly list like other terrorist.

  3. wayne: u are welcome onboard, cos i love quiet and not demanding pax.

    woody: exactly, abit over de. one lady pax even show me "face" when i said there's no hand lotion available in economy class. hello, bring your own stuff since u are travelling, or else buy it at the airport!

    guess if there's possible, they want the trolley cart too u know.