Wednesday, June 24, 2009

extra cairo 1805/6 delay

i had a 2 hours delay with pax onboard.... can imagine how they attacked me??

once we boarded the pax... captain announced flight delay due to technical in arabic and english.

well... we started the beverage as complimentary, u can say that's for comforting the pax. but... this never work okay! they will just keep on attack u buy asking u for food, for tea, for coffee. which means crews have extra work than normal flight with no flying hours somemore!!!!! damn it i wonder why not they let this pax wait at the lounge, then no headache!!

work without flying hours ady make me not in a good mood, lagi i have to be with this pax that keep on attacking me emotionally.

while serving the drinks. they asked: what is this? i wan to go! and gave me a jibai look.. shit man!!! im so wanna show him my spirit finger lo.
another pax was complaning why not keep them at the lounge and she can go shopping... i wish too ma'am!!
some said wasting their time... excuse me!! my time is precious too okay!
they kept on nagging, complaint and condemn....seriouly its a little get into my nerves cos the flying hours has not started counting... f@(*&^%&!

when im almost burst.. one rude pax blame us for the delay! okay.... im gonna screw u this time!

pax: what's this, how long more?
me: hm..another 30 mins though... [smile] some drinks??
pax: do u know how long im here? next time should let us know earlier, what's wrong!! ...[bla bla bla with broken english and arabic non stop firing at me]
me: [tone changed] excuse me...i feel the same ok?? im stuck as well, so be nice. captain said its technical then its technical. u should be glad we're having technical on ground instead u know that??!!

then i left....what ever! u better keep quiet later..

these ppl u just cant be too nice some times. they're just ........dun have a word to describe.. u ppl think i dont have to get ready 3 hours before the flight and another 2-3 hours after the flight before i get home???!! u think my job damn easy is it?? stress free?? if u are nice, i will be nice; if not, im not gonna be good as well, cos i know what im doing!

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