Tuesday, June 02, 2009


there's a trainie on board with us that day, off to london. since there're a trainie, definately there's a supervisor... and yet he is a headache!!

this asshole really gave me some minor hard time the way comin back to kuwait, and again, his english suxx.

the whole flight was alright, as i always work like a cow.. and always alot of things to do. damn it! i wonder why so. i need to rest my legs too sometime, just give me a break!

well, my cabin aisle was clean, as well as my lav.

after the second service... asshole came from the front from another side. some trash was held on his hand, he came to the galley and said, " guys, why is it trash in the cabin?" damn... because the pax is dirty and they wanna throw things out of their seat, what can we do?? and look at your pax profile.......i replied "my side is alright, i just checked" guess he just wanna screw me... " NO, dont say your side is okay, u work in a team." okay. fu*k u!! i shouldnt say anything i supposed.

team... what the hell is that. the ZD dont work in team, as well as the an neh neh. forget it, im just a south east asian kid.

once after touch down, as usual, pax they stand and try to grab their things from the over head. hello.. guys, are u crazy! the seat belt sign still ON. as i mentioned earlier, announcement made, vedio demo given and ....still.

well, im still with my seat belt on the seat. i shouted at them. " take your seat, and close the over head" and they ignore me...okay. what ever!!

the asshole he said something really get into my nerves.... i wish i can ask him to shut the fuck up! but i cant...i can only curse him inside me.

"you know why they didnt take their seat even u ask them to??" okay, why?? " because u didnt release yourseat belt and go to them and make them to sit down" hmm... shouldnt i secure myself?? its really dangerous if i dont, what if there's a suddent break? i may fly and hit the cabin ceiling or bang the seats.

in training they told us that cabin crew secure themselves first then help/ assit others, because we are still inside the cabin. no one knows better than us how to operate the door if there's emergency, where is the nearest emergency equipment, or even the doctor kid and first aid kit...etc.if anything happen to me in between the cabin due to their silliness - by not fastern seatbelt. imagine, after touch down, while taxing... and i have to go to the cabin to seat them.... and who's gonna responsible for my door if there's a bang?? an emergency... 8 doors for evacuation may end up 7 main doors. what if 1-2 doors didnt work properly and have to direct pax to other exit??..... i know im a bit paranoid... but what i said may happen...so excuse me, can u pls think before u say anything silly next time?? im an aldult, i know what im doing! just get out my way, i may the one to help u in the future. just be nice!!

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