Monday, June 29, 2009

102_london SNY

u cant believed what happened to me onboard this time.
i cant believed it as well... stories goes like this.

i didnt sleep well as usual..
i went to london again, and didnt rest well as usual cos i cant sleep! and i didnt take my sleeping pills. cos i dont wan to rely on medicines.

the way back 102... im still normal. completed all the checkes, seat belt off started the first hot meal service. after that i sat on jump seat and told my colleague, jan R3 i can not do the service cos i can feel myself something went wrong and im gonna faint soon.... i thought its my gastritis again.

then i started to shiver and trembling occasionally, cold sweat...and my face, neck and both hand got numb and cramped on my right hand. i scared and i started to tear... im really scared i thought im dying or something.

rose was the cheif.. and i have no commend about her cos he condemned me instead of putting herself in my shoes. anyway... i really upset about it. another DH cheif which come 108/ 5 i forgot he's nicer, he told me what should i do when i arrived kuwait.

the assitant cheif cabin he called to the front and he announced doctor onboard for help me out abit. they started to asked me to breath into the paper bag cos im in hyperventilation stage, plus my heart beat was high. doc checked my BP while giving me oxygen after that and said im fine in all specs. moreover, he said i may be im too exhausted, lacking of minerals.......this is what he told me after he asked me a few questions about my sleeping pattern, job, gastritis medication that im on and some personal questions.

and we faced a little air pocket.. and its really freak me out cos im tense ady in the first place. i was doing this small voice... eeRrrrrrr.. and this cheif condemn me that i was screaming.. excuse me, do u know what's the difference between screaming and having a fain voice?? i dont think i have the energy to scream!! mind your english please.

any way, at last, doc asked me to took my sleeping pills and rest for a while cos i need that.... okay 7.5mg just help me to sleep for 2 hours in biz. but i felt body aching cos these shivering and trembling cos extreme muscles relax and contraction make me feel i just got beaten up badly. well, since im ady SNY, reported sick onboard. i dont have to do any service i sat and rest. sorry to another 2 SEA gals. they work like mad after i left.

althought im feeling alright but im still weak. and i walk slowly with my luggage and coat cover till i reached briefing.. human mind is really strong..... i kept telling myself i can do it till i reach the room, every thing gonna be fine.

the stupid transport send someone to another area first instead of a sick crew back to rest house.. okay i can do it for another 30 mins. finally i got home... i slept 3 hours and i started to have the symptoms back again....i called guard at the rest house. he couldnt do anything, and he called the lady supposed to handle the gals at the rest house... i waited and waited.... why no feedback yet, cos i was suffer and shivering on the floor.

i called again, he told me madam said she's not coming cos she has no car. and asked me to call my frens... hello excuse me, its 3am in the morning. i duno who's having standby, and who's having a flight, cos i stay alone!! and what's the function of this madam for this gals resthouse... handle our problem isnt it?? but she didnt do anything... which is very cool of her. this is how i get treated in kuwait??? oh ya... all the foreigner are slave and here for the money....u better be healthy or else sorry.

thank god my fren lana, dan and rac they're here. i didnt wanna disturb them in the first place cos they might not be around or having early standby.. i really appreciate that guys. thanks alot!! i will keep this in mind till my last breath.

they took me to the hospital, help me in all the documents, the papers. if not i wouldnt make it myself, cos im weak and i keep telling myself i can make it to the hospital only then the rest doc will take care of that.

once im in the emergency, the doc gave me drip.... checked BP, body temperature, blood test for active protien, full blood count, ESR, calcium concentration.....every thing seems fine, parameter is good within range, good lung functions, BP 140/80 is fine too. no H1N1, no infection no nothing. just fatigue and exhausted due to bad sleeping disorder..

okay doc, i will rest and take medication. and i will too apply for emergency leave to go back home for detail check up. thanks, i can tell u are a doc with heart compare to those panel doc which dont even bother, they always think the crew just act sick to get days off. i never took sick leave okay, check my record and this is the first trauma situation i faced since i joined. i shouldnt be blamed! cheif should be supportive than condemn, she thinks i wanted to end up this way??

thanks again to rac, dan and lana, i duno what to do without u guys helping me out. appreciate that!

this is what i ate for these 2 days, and the rest of my sick leaves...!


  1. i m glad that u r still alive. haha.. the experience sounds scary.

  2. ya, im glad too. im close to god cos flying up high ma. hah