Sunday, June 14, 2009


i had a sunday new york flight, wohoooo.. isn't it cool? yeah i think so.. but i didnt go to the premium outlet this time. cos i convinced myself that i dont need it this time, yet i dont have extra money this month. some more abit running in RED again.

didnt do much shopping this time, but i had a steak for dinner with my friend in NYC as well as some snacks shopping for the way back from manhattan on the first night.

well, since there's kaki to party...i went party the day after.. wahahha.. love it! it was so fun.. supposed to go the club again the night after from london... but some of them they prefer to stay in the room and drink which i dont really enjoy. so fuck it i rather stay and drink alone, which is better for me.

well, while i was in london, i planned to go out, but london tube had strike... damn it! so i missed the bak kut teh with belle. may be things happened for a reason.. i have no choice but to go dinner with KU crew. i met petra in london unexpected at pleasant restaurant/ bar, a restaurant which the airline crew love to hang out near the heathrow hotels. she's a EK flight attendant, one of my msn chui sui kaki. we had some drinks at pleasant... and i spent a night at EK layover hotel. the bed is damn cool compare to KU.. haha, just damn bored with the current hotel..

the day before going back to kuwait i went for groceries shopping... and bought an authentic malaysian lunch. beef rendang with rice! guys u cant imagine how soft and tender of this beef rendang...usually the beef in mys just, no comment. but as compare to the beef at states.. so yummy plus rendang sauce. muahhh.. fantastic! the fruits and beef at the states is the food i miss most, cos its cheap and very nice.

as for the entire sectors.... its alright. cos we have very cool crews at E/Y. hmm.. okay, there're lousy big timer too. but i dont really bother. cos i can have my magic potion on board. wahahah..... that's why im okay to go for this shitty flight when i see the crew list. thank you guys! i did enjoyed the flight.

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