Sunday, May 24, 2009


emm, well, this is the 3rd time im sick..really feeling bad about that.

when u sick... em.. i did mention earlier. so its okay, no big deal though. im still alright to be on my own. as long as i still have little energy to walk from the bed to kitchen to get fruits n some ready to eat food.

actually wanna ask someone to get some medicines, but im pretty sure what's the feed back. cos i did ask a few times before.. sigh. no point asking anymore.

by the way... i realised something really disturbing. sighhhhh.... how should i explain it in words. for instant, someone that call u buddy, then u realised they dont appreciate u... ya. again. i didnt get the so call appreciation in return.

i got really fuck up here when im sick in kuwait.... damn mood swing too.
well, what so ever buddy....feel free to care when u are interested.

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