Thursday, May 28, 2009

shopping date

well, this is the date i've promised my gal friend past two weeks...since i still feel okay to go after im partial recover from, im okay to go. been 9 days at home, i need some fresh fresh air, its 55c now. freaking hot!!

on the way to the mall, stop by HP service center to send in my little travel notebook..hmm...seriously no comment about the customer service and technical support. u can imagine their system and speed of work..i can say its god damn "fast". every second counts okay, but just not applicable to the local culture. done with the handling. but the fare for the transport is really expensive. but its okay, "get used" to this minimum charges. what so ever... i just wan to be inside the mall now, its hot outside!!!

finally we made it, reached there. went to a few boutiques, get some cool stuffs. looks cool on me, love it!!! to be frank, i stilll wish i can print money instead. so many things to buy and so little money in my saving account. damn!!

went starbucks for coffee, this is the routine must for a shopping date. need to take a break and go futher miles...wahahah. oh.. by the way, i bought myself a fan... finally. just cant stand the cold air con since im feeling weak now days. i wonder why my health is getting bad. is it crossing the atlantic ocean too often?? heard them said crossing it like going thru x-ray, well its all about the negative charge exerting/exposing to the body. recommended to have 1 x-ray done in 6 months. well, if i have one JFK flight pattern.. which means im crossing the atlantic ocean 4 times. during the shortage of crew season, i had 8 x-ray flight in 1 month!!! emm... i dont want this flight anymore, can i??? but i dont wan to remove it, cos i wanna go shopping in manhattan!

okay, im bit out of the topic again..
after the 7 hours shopping plus some groceries. im heading back home... but i started to feel sick again. dizzy, cold sweat... and i threw up again. LOL.

i love to go for this shopping date with my gal fren... but i will try not to make it that stressful anymore when im still weak... any way, thanks gal. ohh.. and pls dont mention u are so not going out with me every time after u shopped alot..LOL

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