Wednesday, May 27, 2009

S.I.C.K follow up

okay. im still sick, but recovering.. so its good news. at least im not infected by Swine Flu. thank god.

well.... seems like there's good ppl around me. without asking....some colleagues they brought over some fruits, and medicines too.. really appreciate that.. thank you for n times to show im sincere.. of course im gonna do something good too.. let's see.

by the way, let me brief u guys some thing about kuwait.

i went to the company clinic this morning...alone. since i can still have the energy to walk on my own. LOL.. if not i can take the wheel chair.

when its my turn to see the doc in the clinic, this guy who does the failing he asked me where is my paper.. i told him im not reporting ick, so i dont have papers... he responded, so what u want?? HMMM...excuses me, im sick, im here to see the doc. what do u think retarted. haha, of course i didnt say it. well, i just said : emm.. i duno. LOL. then he left.. is the way they get their job done, just like that?? okay, what ever... im just a south east asian for them. sighh... so i went inside the doc's room.

some how i think the doc here they dont check... check means they dont really perform the proper check up i supposed. they prefer to ask questions...


u fever?? no doc, i replied. WITHOUT measuring my body temperature with thermometer nor checking my blood pressure. cool.. let see what he's gonna do.

flu? yes, for days. is this alright?? no problem, just u came back from europe?? no, bangkok.

your good name?? win xxxx. he started to write down some medicines name.. and i wonder what should i say next.

hmm... doc, am i alright? im having flu, sore throat, dizzy and body ache too. then i started to show him my medicines..its okay, u are fine.. okay thanks.

woww.... this is what always happened when i see the doc here in kuwait. same goes to my colleagues. emm, may be just once, when we need the medical check up for the license, by chance he asked me any operation before then only he checked my ear and send me for the pressure test.. if not he wouldnt know.. why i said by chance... cos he didnt ask other gals before me, then he has to re-start to ask other gals questions..........umm. no comment..

same thing happened when i send in the paper which distributed by the minister of health due to swine flu. went to the clinic nearby, they never check, just ask questions. eg. fever? no; flu? no, civil ID...okay. anything just contact the hospital/ clinic. huh?? just like that?? okay, im off to go, not even 2 minutes...

see, this is what u call, easy, simple and not complicated if u out it in a good way.....


  1. lol, just started to write then hit the enter by mistake...