Thursday, May 28, 2009


im well know that i love to eat.... wahahha. and i love fruits too.

i love dragon fruit the most... cos its the mixture taste of kiwi and strawberries.
but since these fruits in kwi is damn expensive.. so forget it. i prefer orange now. LOL

dont treat this like nothing. there's something interesting knowledge about oranges.

hmm. forget about the brand... yeah, i know u eat branded oranges... hahah. but, do u ever know what kind/ type of orange u are eating??? yes? or more to no, no.

here is the scientific classfication if u are interested.
Plantae Order: Sapindales Family: Rutaceae Genus: Citrus Species: C. sinensis] [source from wikipedia]

why orange?? its good, full of vitamin C and fiber is good for the colon too..

LOL, bullshit and cut the crap. for me its just cheaper than other type of fruits on the racks, and since money is my best friend now. well, i dont need expensive fruits which have almost the similar minerals in other fruits...arr.....apart from high content of anti-oxidant fruits.

i love navel oranges, a single mutation of sweet and juicy orange. u guys can try some on day when u feel like it.

when i was in mys, i eat only the australian, NZ oranges. sunkist and.....emm. sunkist. hahha. here in kwi, i have the chances to eat more differ varities eg. navel from brazil, from egypt [love this, big and juicy navel orange than far], from pakistan, from .... others.

may be u can have a orange cocktail party back home!!


  1. Jaffa orange is nice, but is from Israel so not many country has them. They are juicy and easy to peel.


  2. oh is it?? i will check the racks later..thanks

  3. by the way, when eating, try not to show it in front of ZD fella, they hate Jew, Jaffa from Israel, I do not care, as long as is good Orange.. !!