Friday, May 29, 2009

my first deathly 543 after sick

goshh... i've been at home for 10 days..... without duty. but its good though, because i can rest for a while since im having flu and stillll.....the annoying flame still disturbing my pharynx and larynx. give me a break especially im on duty weyy... i kept clearing my throat cos i cant talk well. abit scary right. cos now swine flu peak season.

okay.. finally i got this 543 night flight. reporting time 1600GMT.. but. there's a delay.... which means im gonna reach home at 0400 LT. oh my god!! but its okay, if i report sick, i need to go to the clinic, and wait and my whole afternon gone plus they gonna punish me by giving me airport standby early in the morning.. what the heck!!
just a short turn, i still can make it for this top premium deadly cairo flight after my sick... its gonna be tough, cos im still weak. but im okay to go.. still. cos the cheif is nice and its not the blacklisted crews. LOL

the briefing was usual start positioning, emergency questions, new updates, checking the documents..etc. when its my turn... cheif asked me what's echo victor.. i said its emergency. wahahah... shit. wrong answer again! he replied, of course its emergency.. emm.. well, actually im not wrong u know, may be the question u asked is not proper. should have asked what is the procedure when u received echo victor, NOT what's echo victor...anyway. for them im wrong, cos i didnt give the right answer..okay i have 2 more chances before they off load me. hahah.

and in between the briefing.. someone phone's ringing.... i started to scan other crews. damn! it was cheif. i thought he's gonna cut it off..who knows he answered it! wahahah.. see, this is how the ZD works, especially in this country. told u, i dont enjoy here cos no system, every thing about connection. but good thing is, u can do anything u wan to. unless u are in a big trouble, or else no one gonna report u. so, im still cool..

since this is a delay flight, i damn sure the pax will attack me.. and yeah, im so right! 2 hours and 25 mins flight i dont have the chance to drink water, dinner nor toilet. and i couldnt make it for sales cos im L3. when im done with the cabin and check the cleaness of the toilet.. i went to the front trying to get the cart.. belt sign on! wow... okay, im lucky cos i dont wan sales. just im too tired to earn the extra money. no joke, i work non stop, and so farking busy, i wonder this ZD bitch she can keep on eating and eating. ya.. i forgot, cos she's lazy.. oppss.. no.. no. no.. she works smart, cos she speaks arabic and she may get good report instead we asian works most of the time.

by the way...most of the ZD juniors they dont have the basic seniority common sense. sometimes they're the one taking incharge and over write me. so, this ZD steward junior he's rude in the begining during the service. usually i just kept quiet. but this time i sounded him immediately in a nice way. served u right, retarted! he came to apologised when the service ended. woww... im surprised!! usually they dont, they will just remember me and give me hard time, told u, these ppl they hav no sense, never look into themselves. but this junior....okay, i will not blacklist him. atleast he did something although its not sincere.

hmm.....didnt i mention?? im the only south east asian kid at the back AGAIN!

544 way back, thank god its light load and i have the chance to drink few glasses H2O and eat slow. the assitant cheif Ali which is famous in problematic, sick and what ever the crews claimed. he came to me...shit.. dont tell me i did something wrong and he disastified my performance.. go and lecture the ZD silly bitch first if he gonna i just lsitened, cos i have to.......he said my cabin aisle has smal small piece of papers. emm. i did clean it, but what to do if the pax throw it once i left, i cant locked my eyes on the cabin..sighh**. just this he complaint, but he started to say good things... okay cool. he knew im helping others even im not their side, he knew im the only one helping in the galley, he knew i work hard. okay thanks, i do appreciate that.

but, this not the end. before he stop "evaluate" me.... he said i should smile more to the pax, and he knew most of them they're talking arabic to me which i dont understand. and i my facial expression just numb.. hahhahah. well, i said okay, i will try. i had no choice though.

in conclusion.... i had a safe flight, that's important!

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