Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i was chatting in msn with my colleagues and friends yesterday.
she knew im sick and she's kindda caring.

through out the conversation, we just be little bitchy and kid about our job and current situation.

i wonder how she knows the centralised air conditioning in the rest house im staying is not working.. umm, to be exact, the air conditioning for the whole building is not working. PLUS the temperature is up to 45c now.. i know its pretty hot here. but i cant do anything. im sick and i have to bare the hot temperature and im sweating like a pig inside the studio room.. oh, didnt i mentioned?? the accommodation i stayed is pretty... not old, u can say its authentic. yeah, this is the right word for it..LOL. i choose to stay alone and why this super authentic rest house..hmmm. just i need some privacy, and i dont want to go thru the stress if i stay in the flate, and my flatemate moving out and a new gal moving in... no.. no, just NO. i had enough in my school days. so, no thanks. im good to be alone, i know its lonely, but its much better than having a problematic roomate, trust me!!!

okay, back to the point.

this colleague was offering me to stay in her room if i feel like it, cos she knows its quite stuffy here in my room. i told her its alright, cos i can still take it.. and i told her : "seems like the technician they're fixing the problem from afternoon. so its gonna be alright, got air from the vent, but just not cold air. better than nothing."

"congratulations, win" LOL, what did she just said. hahha. " yeah, thanks. seems like we are well trained to be a positive thinker ever since we're here" i replied. and the craps continues...

yeah.... to stay in kuwait, u got to be a positive thinker, have to be strong enough, or may be start to develop "i dont care and i dont give a damn" attitude... or else, u gonna be suffer mentally, and your emotions will be affected. some times i do moody and be in depression mode when i cant adjust myself right...

fuhhh. so, just feel lucky to be here though.


  1. Positive thinking generates positive energy, GREAT!

  2. exactly, i wish i could think positive ALWAYS!! lol