Friday, May 15, 2009


another usual sux cairo flight with the ZD again….

well, i dont really hate this flight, perhaps im bit okay with it now a days…. especially when i have nothing to do back home. instead of wasting time, yallah, let’s go cairo!! LOL

this is an exhausted flight, busy and no time to rest, since they’re so NICE!! its consider the premium killer flight among other killer flight… if u know our pax proflie… okay, although its tiring, but at least i can still back to my comfort zone [room], all my stuffs gonna be with me, have a proper cleanser, remover, skin care and such.. not those small and repack… well of course i brought every thign with me in lay overs, but i dont really really use it… cos .. just felt fed up since not proper. LOL, know wonder my face getting worse now a days…. S*iT

when i started to take it easy for this killer flight, every thing seems alright. unless i have some…. u know. some colleagues which is not so decent…umm.. okay, by the way i shouldnt claim them as decent cos they’re not.. not even close…may be not gentlement. okay well.. what ever it is. im just applying what i supposed to do, and violating a bit here and there since most of the pax they dont comply and cooperate with the crew. well,, u can say they dont respect the crew.. no joke, its true facts. what u guys expect from these ZD. i dont really bother much anymore, finished the short turn then go home.

this flight.. nothing much happen. cos i did what i supposed to do, no extra, cos no one gonna appreciate that, and i dont wanna be a fool too. no more runing up and down, rushing back and forth for silly stuffs. i said no means no, dont u instruct me to bring things that’s not supposed to be in EY. follow what i said.. if not, im cool. announcement made, demonstartion given, double checked the cabin… several checks and if u dont comply, okay. no pressure, im cool!

from pick up, total flying hours plus transit… approximately 10 hours. safe and steady flight. im still okay with that so far.

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