Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BKK_may 2009

yoo... another BKK again. love it, just love it alot!!

massage massage, tom yam, movie day, wander around.... okay, i know its damn freaking hot! soo.. since im with dan, so we took the cab instead. cos im so not gonna take it alone, all by myself. NO NO NO.... just no. LOL

as usual, i didnt get what i wan from the list i've been writing...ahemm. not my fault, i got lost a bit inside the building. cant go back to the same shop .. damn its tricky. LOL

well, ate some local snacks, and always go back the same old seafood road side restaurant for dinner. just wan to play safe, dare not eat something else. so scared will kena food poisoning again.

went to aquarium...umm.. yeah u can say its my fav. by looking at the fish and without getting wet. cool!!! feel so free when see the fish swim around. hmmm.. but my mood kena spoiled by this group of kids running and screaming... WTF!!! u gonna scare the fishes. god damn it!! and me too... hahha.every where i go, i see the ZD, i see the an neh neh.. wah lau, apa ni!! ahah. i know, i damn racist ever since im here!

what so ever in the beginning... then the same group of kids even cried while watching 3D at the aquarium. *&^%^&, okay, it frighten me too when it showed the jurasic ocean. but still....be a bit considaration can anot??

to make it short and simple.... enjoyed this trip since the cheif is MR. Taki. he's one among the coolest cheif from my list. im serious!!! i rather fly with him than other "ngong gao non sense". so, i had nice flight, nice massage, nice wine... every thing seems alright and fly safe. that's most important to me.


  1. 好久没来留言了, 你还好吧?

  2. 还好。。唔该晒。 但是有0的喉咙痛, 轻微发烧。
    好彩day off,stand by又没得飞, 唔系就大煲。