Friday, May 01, 2009


as usual….. NYC flight again. same pax, same situation, and almost the same attitude ketua…my rotten luck.

pax in the biz and first class they’re served with welcome drink during boarding.. and guess what i have to do while during boarding at the back…water “welcome drink”. at least 4 trays okay… it depends sometimes, but at least 2 trays lo. after meal service, another round of water service again. gosh!!! this is totally extra service….and before landing, i’ve go to give out “good bye drink”.. #$%^^%$

well, although all these flight sux. but i tend to motivate myself by going out for dinner, for a tour and go out with friends in LON to indulge myself a bit. if not i cant do these kind of flight anymore!!

first stop:

woodbury.. shopping heaven.. i dont care im gonna have minimum rest, i’m willing to travel from 0600- 1545LT just to spend 3 full hours there to experience something new, cos i never been there… LOL. excuses.

second stop :

london for dinner and crap…. welcome back to london belle!!

third stop:

joined the tour to visit insor castle, bath and stonehenge….

well, at least something for this trip… cos im not sure when im gonna do the last JFK-LHR flight. i gotto release some negative force and stay longer... i wish!! LOL

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