Monday, April 20, 2009

something i see and felt…..

emm… since im a blogger, kind of lah. because i only “chui sui”, and crap most of then time… not a real blogger i guess.

well, i read others blog too. so far i came across some one blog…i read one instead of all. this is because he, my friend he made it a protected blog. damn him, i wanna read more but i cant!! $%&^%

he blog it because of some one, its kindda a dairy, or may be love letter for the gal he loves alot to read. hmm…. but i doubt the gal will read it. any way, he still blogging, every day without fail. LOL, may be not every day. but so far its gonna be his 200th love letters.

sigh, seriously i duno what to say about it any more. i did my best to talk him out of it, and we friends be there a bit while we could. same old stories happened again and again. i felt he’s not happy and the negative force is getting stronger inside though. as an outsider, im not pretty sure what’s going on lately, but can tell he’s having the same old issues. okay, may be its good to be loyal, or be any thing as u like. but what’s the point….be loyal without a relationship, are u crazy!! im crazy too, but im not as crazy as u.

seriously, i know i have no right to comment. but i really wan to say this : LISTEN!! life is short buddy, waiting is not the solution. u ady waited since….long ago. u got to move on!!! have fun and be happy!!

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