Monday, April 13, 2009

problem ZD pax from cairo_110409_543

i had a short turn yesterday. okay, every thing seems fine.

the only problem i came across was this egytian pax he smoke in the lav. we smell the cig when he passby, quickly checked the lav and i found his cig bud after another pax came out from the lav. too bad the smell of cig ady flushed out. damn it!!!

i went to let the senior, i told him what happened. but i disagreed the feedback i got from him.. but what to do. im just small small ant and most of the time the ZD pax they disrespect the crew as well. i’ve nothing much to say about it. they’re just non sense!!

he said the comp not straight, and nothing can be done. and forget it… what!!!! emm.. i seriously dont feel safe to fly anymore.. with pax that disrespect, with non sense… and not cooperatve, always shout and yell when they pay for E/Y and wish to have F/C service….sighh.

well, at least this craps they should know, u are not allow to smoke in-flight, u have to up-right your seat and fasten the seat belt, and its not allow to move from the seat to the lav while during take off and landing. while seat belt sign is on…and its not allow to use the mobile… still they violate it [everything that says NO, they wan to do it] yet give me a look says ” i can do anything i want, im not listening to u”. come on, non sense,, its all for the evacuation, safety purpose. im pretty sure when things happened, they’re gonna put the blames on other.. not themselves. this is the idiotism i see so far. okay guys, i did my part and what ever u wan to do, no comment and cant be bother.

at the moment, im just glad that im not one of this non sense crap!!

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