Tuesday, April 07, 2009


as usual, deadly flight.. crew for the day… emm. bossy!!

what so ever, i know what im doing and i dont need u to instruct me!! its not a big deal, if u are in a hurry, be my guest, u can always go ahead!!

as for the an neh neh pax i came across,,, soli, if u are in a bad mood its your problem. u dont have to show your temper to me while im serving the water after the tea/ coffee service. #$%*&^

for some pax, i know its kindda retarted. okay, no problem guy, if u wanna use the mobile onboard, u dont have to tell me: “i know, i know.” when i asked u to switched off the mobile. this is my duty, ppl with common sense they should know… emm, but it seems u dont have it.. COOL!!!

as goes to those that replied me ” i know, i know” when i asked u to take your seat and fasten the seat belt before giving clearance… well, i memang tidak apa and sabar bit now a days. may be u guys can tell me this instead. say : i know, i know how to fly,” so i may feel a little better if u dont fasten your seat belt of u released it after i left the area….cakap lah, i know, i know how to fly..make my job alittle easier instead.

anyway, i had a safe flight afterall although i heard alot sms sound and ppl calling before touch down in kwi…$%^*&^. i wonder.. dont u guys have sense??!!

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