Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i had a kind of shit experience onboard…

an neh neh pax the entire cabin… alright that’s pretty common in the company, this is because the fare is freaking cheap… or may be u can say its worth of saving.. what ever it is.

2 senario…

one farker an neh neh, i ady noticed him since beginning of the flight. he kept looking at me when i passing the cabin for some checks, serving water as usual. well, i told the senior about it. seriously i find it annoying and disturbing. okay, after took of and service started. i served him drinks like i did to other pax, and this mother farker he touched me.. WTF!!!! i warned him said : DONT TOUCH ME!! [i really wanna smack him, almost!!!] i went to the cheif and told him about it, sighh….. he just said just tell him dont touch u. EXCUSE ME!!!! is this the way to settle things???? really felt bad and wanna cry.. this wasnt the first time. if the cheif straight enough and sue the pax, i believed i will not feel that bad. how many times i have to experience this kind of disrecpect from the pax??!!!

one ZD pax, he’s been talking to me once i have the chance to seat on the jump seat… giving all kinds of compliments, this and that, telling me his a doc some more with his business card written his personal mobile number on it.. keep asking me for my contact, and trying to ask me out for dinner…grrrrrrr!!! i wanna asked him to give me a break. because what ever u say, its gonna be a NO NO NO!! dont u get my signal!!!!! WTF…..i just had a minor sexual harrasment situation just now, and yet i have to smile and have a calm talk with him… damn it!!
in that situation, i just cant take it easy inside me. i’ve been adjusting my emotion. who the hell said being a cabin crew is cool, is damn fun. okay, may be its gonna be fun if u have decent pax… i said IF.. with this an neh neh and ZD pax…. no thanks!!

im still counting my days!!

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