Sunday, March 01, 2009

valentine’s 2009

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

i spent v-day in mys this year. cool huh, yeah, i know! with my kaki still. love it! this has been …..umm. many years since uni time. its not pathetic, its fun and happy, like gathering. may be i find it pretty pathetic in the first few years, but im okay with that after that, start enjoying this kind of get together. hahha, i know guys, u must be thinking i just find another excuses for party only.

nahh… who cares, i just wan to be with my friend, and have fun. i dont think going for a dinner on v-day very special any more. if a guy like/love me, every day is gonna be v-day. emmm…okay, frankly, i never celebrate it with just one person. alone, yes; a bunch of friends, yes. with someone special.. emmm…NO. just duno why, may be wrong timing and not around gua.

hmm…. i heard alot lousy real stories from friends and families. sighh.. serious i have no comment. but seriously i wonder why ppl now aday dont talk and act with their senses. all non sense and bull shit, lame excuses. marriage?? in a relationship?? bull shit lah.. divorced rate getting higher and case curang more and more….. and single relationship with no string attached….hmm. im pretty agreed with the latter one. atleast no kids, no responsible lor. guys, think twice wey, and dont be irresponsible. okay, u can say new generation, new perceptions, new trend…. dont tell me ethic also changed lor. once u committed, no kids, okay. may be not so much problem. but when u have one….alot consequnces.

emm. i went too far. sorry guys.

any how, i went to a club in KUL with my friends. pretty fun, but it will be more fun if they didnt ask their male colleagues out. my god, they’re sooooooo .. boring and not happening. we started a game, and they’re so not cool. are guys being gals now a day??? i wish not… hahaha. actually i wanna tell them: hey, u and your friend can go back any minute, cos we dont need u guys here. hahhaha, i wish i could say that.

happy valentine’s or valentines’ day.

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