Tuesday, March 24, 2009

turn around - CAI

once i woke up in the morning… my mood was so so…

because i know im gonna fly with someone i dont really wish to fly with, but its okay. just a short flight. no big deal. as long as its gonna be a safe flight. the rest i dont care, seriously.

in flight… okay, every thing is fine. i dun wind to go hundred times in the cabin to give them blankets, headphones, water or even paracetamol anymore. as long as i have time to do it, i will. because i dun really like to sit on the jump seat and listen to the non sense crap anymore, anyway its a short short flight. dont have to crap to kill time. hahah.

well, im still cool for the flight. and the pax seems not so crazy today… emm. may be my mood is getting way much better for the 2nd sector.. because i know im going back and gona have 3 days off for not doing anything.

although having some turbulence, and quite shaky,, but its all good. just a little dizzy. but still alright. because i have another safe and steady flight that i wish for.. thank god.


  1. oh... u start blogging back... ;)

  2. chris: i blog in frienster more de, now i copy all and keep in blogger balik.. hah.