Sunday, March 01, 2009

there’s only YES or NO

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

im not sure is this consider sincere or not sincere when i come to this situation when i deal with someone.

my brother told me that, i cant force ppl about it, because everyone is busy, and they cant fix a proper time to meet or go some where as planned. because plan always changed with reasons. emmm… i understanding, and i agree with that. but once planned, isn’t it supposed to avoid any clashes with the fixed date or some thing?? grrrr….

and i dislike ppl damn 婆妈, yes means yes, and no means no, dont say im not sure. okay, may be u can say im not sure, but u got to tell me what’s the plan. if u dont even have any plan for me, or include me in the plan, just tell me straight and be frank and say : NO, win, i cant make it. im totally fine with that, no hard feeling, because i will not wait and waste my time looking forward for it and then u tell me NO or im sorry in last minute. i will delete u in my list for the rest of my life…. since u dont care and respect me, so why should i?? i rather have my own plan with other frens or all by myself is much better than u screwed my holiday plan. i have limited time only, i have to fully utilised it. im not kidding.

days ago, i asked one of my fren whether want to meet during my vacation. and its pretty upset me, cos i dont even have a proper response for it. come on!! dont waste each other time, just say YES or NO. i dont want to waste my time with non sense stuffs anymore!!

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