Sunday, March 01, 2009

sick on KU102_NYC_LHR

Monday, January 12th, 2009

im kindda sick for this flight, having gastrointestinal problem. vomitted, cold sweat.. etc.
hmm, im not supposed to go on flight from NYC though, but any way, i cant reverse the time now.

but atleast i told cheif in advance before the flihgt so i will not be blammed.actually i dont wish to go, but its really bad when someone reported sick.since im not having any thing serious fever, serious pain, so, still okay to go.

actually kindda disappointed to see what’s going on.but its all the shit, nothing much to talk least im glad i got to rest a bit after the 1st service.. cool huh?

when i reached hotel in london, i need a doc, called the reception.i waited 4 hours in the room, i called the reception again.may be the doc thinks vomitted and diarrhea is not a big deal so he didnt come that soon.any way, since i feel better, i told the lady i dont want the doc any more, cos im fed up.

i went out to get myself some bread and milk to make my self feel better when im a little fresh.and thank god i brought lappie with me so i can watch the TVB drama to kill time.

im here now in london, nothing to do any way since im weak.i dont have the stamina to walk and wander the city by myself this time. seriously, im bored here, no one here to even say hi and how are u.. hhehi dont expect any thing, but i started to accept what i usually dont wish to.there’s a chinese words i learnt in the society. 人情簿过纸真的很吊!

so afraid to fall sick when im away from home.i wish to go and i want to go.

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