Sunday, March 01, 2009

“she’s cute and tiny”

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

relationship is complicated… may be not to everyone i mean, but most of the time things can be ugly and full of surprises.

this fren of mine, he’s in his mid 30’s. he get to know a gal which is younger then him 4-5 years i supposed. but what ever, chemistry brought them together. they can talked and craped what ever it is in their mind. no hard feeling between them i guess, because they treasure every moment they spent together.

they were happy from what i heard from him. he smiles when he talked about her. he rushed to see her or talk to her when there’s a chance. i can tell he’s really loves her…. a lot. but he cant do much for this gal at the moment, because he’s busy with his work.. hmm… well. about this issue i duno what should i say. actually busy is not an excuses, nor a reason.

since busy was his reason, and he’s not staying with her even. which means they dont really see each other in real, just via cyber. pretty sad case isn’t it?? this fren of mine he’s nice, he’s not selfish person overall. he knew he cant be with her but he still wish her to meet someone can give what he cant offer. well, the gal said okay and go with the flow.

lately, this gal she met a new guy. she told him that they’re seeing each other. of course this fren of mine he got jealous, the fact is he cant blame anyone but himself…as mentioned earlier, he’s the one who agreed about that, damn his silliness.

he looked pretty sad while he talks about how she met the new guy. tentatively, he still has his smile on his face when he talks about her good stuffs. as far i know from him, she’s very nice to him. that’s it!

u know what i see from you??? u were happy when u said : she’s cute and tiny. suddenly at that moment i wish someone will talk about me like u talked about her though. or may be i wish im her for a minute…. hehheheh. im kidding!!!

i know u like her, but u are stupid enough to let her go. tell me when can u find yourself another chemistry???? will it be the same any more??? hmmm… i duno what to say, but i wish u will not be that busy any more. that’s all i can say.

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