Sunday, March 01, 2009

-restless feeling-

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

i have this feeling damn often now a day, just duno what’s going on with me. feel wan to stretch, wan to walk around, wan to kick some thing, wan to cry, wan to shout, wan to do something so can get rid of the restless feeling. but no matter what i do, i still have it……okay, i will take it easy.

may be im lacking of attention, may be im lonely, or may be i hate to stay away far from a familiar place. i want to stay in my comfort zone.

the day i left malaysia, i cried during the pick up from the hotel. not those crazy crying, just a little bit of tears, wanted to cry hard, but its not so me, i dont do that much, unless i damn sad or may be for a good reason. hahah,,, want to cry yet need a good reason for it… damn.

usually i dont feel bad or something when i leave the MYS, some times cant wait to leave. but it was before. but this time im very emotional, i wanted to stay in malaysia with my family. and talk to my dear friend when i wanted to.

when im in kwi, my soulmate, my best friend, every thing is just DELL and youtube…..okay, msn as well. just away status and go non stop youtube.

serious, i wan to stay in mys, or any place that can make a comfort zone for me. some one there for me to talk instead of 4 walls and DELL, my best friend.

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