Sunday, March 01, 2009

public transportation

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

since long ago, i started to take public transportation to school…. emm. im my secondary school days.

dad seriously dont allow it, because he is damn conscious. he doesnt want me and my brother to take the public transport even though we are pretty poor, and still he’s willing to pay extra to ask someone to fetch us, by car pooling. cos both of us is damn precious to my parents. heheh, see, we are poor but we do have family value and they raise us in a proper way. alot parents should learn from my parents though even they’re suck sometimes. hehe. but i still love u guys, i swear. if not i wouldnt trouble myself and spend so much time at home now!

good thing of public transport is i dont have to waste “精神”, i close my eyes and rest till destination. okay although it will take longer duration, but it just 30min to 1 hour, i still have time to waste for that. or else take cab, but im damn scared to take a cab all by myself. just scared, duno why. i rather take LRT, KTM, bus instead of stay alone in the cab with the driver. usually i will call my fren or family to tell them the number plate and where i hop on.. just in case. and they will estimate the time i reach home.

i still prefer LRT, and KTM. okay, although its pack, but still alright. just make sure u are extra careful with your possesion. what to do, it happens every where, not only in malaysia. but the chances is higher when uare in a pack public transport, just your bad luck if its happen. so take it easy and be alert!!

inside the LRT, KTM, so many thing to see and listen sometimes. serious, im not kidding. some how u will see some ppl they’re bitching, boosting, crapping…. etc. and sometimes its funny.
u may also witness some sincere ppl letting out their seats for the old folks. some dont even bother even they’re at the priority seating… any way, its their attitude, or may be they’re really tired. cant judge them by what i see in few minutes. for me usually i dont have the chance to get a seat, unless its not pack, cos im react too slow to get one. and its okay to stand for a few stops, but not all the way from KL sentral to SBN station, crazy ahhh… kaki can patah weyy. usually i seat on my luggage when i carry one.

any way, the trasport in malaysia in freaking cheap as compare. and its so convenient. i wish u guys will appreciate that….

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