Sunday, March 01, 2009

mrs khoo…

Friday, February 6th, 2009

a naive woman married to my dad. all these years she never learnt to become smarter. still naive and always happy go lucky some how no matter what happened. seriously have to salute her positive mentality and never gave up attitude.

for those friends and families member that know my family situation… well, u guys should know, but of course not every single detail. even im mom’s kid, im not 100% sure what’s going ono sometimes. sighh.. i duno this is good or bad, sometimes i rather dont want to know about it. just want to have a clear mind instead.

chinese proverb “家家有本难念的经”, u dont know what’s going on until u see and experience it. nothing much to complain, because i knew some other ppl their family matter is much much terrible than us. so, life goes on, learn from it, and live better!

this afternoon, i went out with mom in order to fetch the kids. ohhh… FYI, mrs. khoo she’s fetching 3 small kids from the neighbourhood to school, for tuition.. about 6-8 trips during weekdays. this is not a easy job, okay. i dont think its easy. i see her get in and out the car to get the kids, have to wait for them, have to look for a parking, have to trap in the jam during rush hour, plus the weather is hot and sunny, what if its rainy day??? very leceh lor.

by seeing her doing all these for the kids even though they’re charged, still i think this kids really “bahagia”. before, me and bro have to take bus to school, and i have to do “transit” somemore, where got ppl fetch. no bus then walk to school . some times have to run, haha, if not gonna late for class.

ever since the factory mom used to work declared bankrupt. mom didnt stop working, she went to help in a day care centre, earned some money instead. and by chance she ended with this job. its good for her to do some thing some times, or else she gonna stay home and she get bored fast. this job and the kids keep her occupied a bit during weekdays.

can tell mom is getting happier compare. atleast not that miserable anymore. before she’s living in terror, huge mental disturbance i guess. if i was mrs. khoo, i dont think im gonna make it.

hahah…. im not kidding. just cut stories short, she has to go through the pressure from the khoo-family, from her own family member, from outsider, everyone that connected, family violence, serious financial crisis… etc. all this happening because she married to my dad, a sick and mentally weak husband. u guys will never be understanding, trust me!

well, dad is getting better, he’s stronger now. and its a damn good decision he retired earlier than actual age. if not he will be suffer. this formula is easy, if dad good = mom good too, dad happy = mom happy too. got it?? of course i jave to thanks dad for his 20 years hard work, if not me and my brother wouldnt able to finish high school…. may be lah, never know. anyway we make it all the way to uni that mom didnt expect.

this year im seriously surprised! one of my cousin that always condemn mom, dislike mom gradually changed.. guess she finally knew mom is the good among the gp. plus mom has us!! hahah, i was kidding with mom this CNY, finally she can 守得云开见月明, good sign!!

so, thanks for your hard work mom. that’s why we are always sayang u. i wish u have long and healthy life. by the way, i will not get rid of my “lazy habit” when im with u ya.

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