Saturday, March 21, 2009

money or knowledge??

March 6th, 2009

just now was so… nothing to do as usual.
surfing online, and of course “chui sui” with some friends as usual.

one of them seem kindda depressed i supposed. he has been away and all the while he’s alone. always busy and stress with work as far i know. but who doesnt. every one has their own problems…and nightmare too.

well, he decided to leave this stressful and busy life. i supposed he knows what he wanted most….emm. guess he rather to have a lower pay job instead, cos he said he doesnt work like a cow and screw his health.

matter of fact, wedges comes from greater responsibility job. nothing is easy and sit back to relax.

and he kinda complain why we study so much, so far he didnt see any good yet. moreover, he said start to grow vege and ask his future son to “chow kew tiew” may be can earn more than him. yet can save more than 100k for education.. hahha.

so, money or go for knowledge??

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