Sunday, March 01, 2009

mind your mouth you evil bitch!!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

im having gastric pain and i still work.

and u bitch u dont have to bitch about me, i eat because i work hard and i need energy for it.what im eating? its only bread, milk, boiled egg and water and a little fish. that’s all!!!9 hours flight i shouldn’t take any food to work??

and why u want to said im sick only during take off and landing?and why u said i eat all the time??i eat slowly bit by bit cos i cant eat all at once cos it will hurts my stomach u bitch!!

what ever u want to say evil u know im having cold sweat and cant even stand straight in the cabin while during u think i will keep saying im in pain im in pain. i keep quiet doesnt means im alright and fully recover. i talked to another gal because i wanted to distract myself from the restless feeling due to pain… dont u ever learn things like that?? u bodoh celaka!
i wish u will get this back fire one day, trust me, what goes around comes around!

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