Saturday, March 21, 2009

long week …

March 8th, 2009

damn it, i hate this shit, and its going to haunt me for duno how farking long. @#$%^Y&U.
okay, may be this is not a big big deal as compare of the natural disaster, the damn farking miserable life. but it doesnt seems any better as compare to the current situation… bastard f*cker ah, always always create problem. and always make me so worried and non stop worry even im thousands miles away.

may be some of u say take it easy lah, nothing can be done, bla bla bla. dont talk general to me. so instead of saying something, i prefer u to keep your farking mouth shut.. means, SHUT THE FU*K UP!!!

so where ever u are, pls take care for me. dont let any thing stupid shit happen on u or let any soh*i to ruin your life. and trust me, i will do anything to make it work, but u have to be strong, firm and MUST stick to the plan.

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