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Monday, January 5th, 2009

flying with these pax profile seriously can be damn surprise. they’re wierd and crazy i supposed.

example one:

she took her 2 kids inside the lavatory, guess what she’s doing inside? she gave them a bath…. hmm…. is she nuts or what? why cant she do it when she’s in NYC later?? she used the towel to wipe them i supposed, because all the towels in the toilet gone. may be she steal it and keep inside her bag.

example two:

pax asked me for milk for his kids… hmmm.. no surprise, cos they always ask for milk to feed their baby/ babies. be rational, if u travel with kids, will u not bring your own milk powder?? these ppl they willing risk their baby’s life by feeding them the usual UHT full cream milk. or may be skimmed milk… they’re just out of their mind.

example three:

its the dyper this time. one pax he asked can i give him a “@#$”, cos i dont understand his “in-glish”. so i said: i beg your pardon. then i realised he wanted a dyper for his baby.. hmm. okay. well, guess u want every thing from the company again. dont they have their own?? so i went all the way to the front and get him one dyper. when i reached him one dyper, he said why only one… huh. WTF!!! he expected me to give him one whole pack is it?? i told him u need it for 1 kid isnt it? he said he has 3 kids….. [me] nia ma…#$%%$#. well, i told him in a polite way, we supply this only for those in need. but in my heart i was shouting and wanted to say : u idiot!! its not a complimentary, u farking cheap skate!! then the pax sat next to him told me that he has a bag with dypers… imagine. these pax they’re so stingy and cheap. will 1-3 dypers make a difference in their saving??? i wonder why….

example four:

im ady damn farking busy with the sales since the pax always love to buy last minte before landing… stupid morons! giving me hard time to open, remark, reseal the trolly. anyway this is not the point. while i was on the way to give oax their goods, this indian lady she stopped me and talk to me.. with her lousy in-glish, i still get what she wants. she told me her feet is painful, and she wants to massage it with the oilment. well, i said okay, go ahead. then she pointed at her feet which is with stocking…and said “take” “take”.. wah lan ehh.. she wants me to remove her socks…. NO WAY!!! is she crazy or what? im not a nurse, and i dont want to be a nurse too. i dont care, i said im sorry and no way of doing it then i left. who cares!! i dont even know her, no way im doing it, im just a flight attendant.

imagine… this pax profile.. sucks!

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