Sunday, March 01, 2009

i want U for christmas

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

christmas is around the corner… wohoo. love it! CNY and x’mas is the best celebration for me. because its consider a family reunion together with other close cousins if possible.

christmas is a meaningful day for my family, as well as me. hmm… guess i love it since young. as i mentioned, im a poor kid yet from a difficult family. i like christmas because i feel joyful during this season. one of my aunt she will bring me present, christmas gifts under the big christmas tree, christmas dinner.. etc. that’s what im looking forward when i was young.

when i grew up and away from home. i dont celebrate christmas, due to this festi season, there’s alot freelance job. i need to earn pocket money. well, im celebrating it with the strangers, counting down with ppl which i dont even know. some times have to serve food or may be serving the drink… @#$%^$. i dont have christmas present, no more christmas dinner, nothing except christmas pocket money from aunt. my only aunt that love me and mr.fee alot.

anyway, i treat it as my working experience during the school days, as compare to others which is bored and dull.. heheh. im not being sarcastic, im just want to think positive back then than being miserable. who doesnt want to hang out and have fun during the festi season with friends and family? i wanted it so much!!!!

seriously, i dont recall any day out with friends during christmas before year 2007. which means i really dont have a proper celebration with anyone i know. but im glad that i had a christmas dinner with my colleagues in kwi last year. a good one though, i still remember what i ate for dinner.. yum yum.

im so looking forward for this christmas dinner with my family in sbn. im so excited this few days. can u imagine, i ady packed my luggage 5 days ago. all the gifts for my family. ONLY family! sorry guys, duit tak cukup. forgive me, i know im stingy. i haven get any thing for myself as well.

emm.. u can contribute a little if u dont mind, cos i have a serious long shopping list to bring it back to kwi. mostly food… hahah.

i love christmas, just duno why.

but, all i want is U for every christmas!!

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