Sunday, March 01, 2009

i want to know u more…

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

some one said this to me….”i want to know u more”

okay, sure why not? provided u have the time for me. if u are too busy then im sorry for u. if u can have a good time management then it would sound sincere.

some one said ” i miss u alot win”
cool… thanks. should i say i miss u too?? because i dont feel that u’re really miss me that much. u said u miss me… want to see me.. bla bla bla. but u never take any action to show u are serious. so im not going to say any thing to u because u are not in my friend list. if u are my dear friend, i can even call u sweetie, darling, sweet heart, sugar.. etc…any thing, any thing.

some one said “let’s go for a vacation/ day out”
well, pls keep your promised. and try not to bull shit me any more. say want to come visit me, end up not coming, or may be ignore it when i need confirmation. say want to hang out, end up too busy for duno what. and not even a call to cancel it, dont u know i ady get ready in my nice outfit and waiting?? so looking forward, but end up removing the make up and wash my face… i hate that feeling. i wish u will get this kind of back fire later, im serious!

some one said ” i want to forget her by not falling in love with another gal”
why are u telling me this?? …emmm. yeah, why not? u can always fall in love with guy.
what ever others been telling me.. i dont have much expectation. cos i dont wan to get extra disappointment once i hope or looking forward for something.

by the way, this is from me. i wan to know u more if u are real. can i??

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